Walter Benjamin
The Dog Follows The Bull
merz0020 - 2007

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Walter Benjamin, member of the renewed Goodbye Toulouse, expounds in his debut EP a handful of 4 songs of a touching and sensitive beauty from which the opening track easily stands out. Like Jackson Pollock is a sweet song with a Folk movement that retraces the aesthetic of the 60s and 70s. But in this EP there is also place to some experimentalism, never forgetting the purpose of the song, through the use of samples and manipulations of daily life objects and noises. Here is a small appetizer with the promise that Walter Benjamin will soon come back.

01. Like Jackson Pollock
02. God On Our Street
03. Look What They've Done
04. Game Over

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Walter Benjamin:
vocals, acoustic guitar, sampler, synths, percussion, mellotron emulation
and hohner clavinet.
God on our street contains a sample recorded on the street, performed by banda dos bombeiros voluntários
de Alvito. Thanks to them and to António Ferreira, Benjamin Richter, Luís Ferreira, Luís Pereira, Tiago Sousa,
Miguel Pereira, Manuel Dias, Pedro Girão, Pedro Sousa, Noiserv, Joana Peters, father, mother, brother
and friends. This record is dedicated to all of you.
Written, produced and recorded by Walter Benjamin