An Octopus in the Bathtub
No Fishy Shtuff
merz0016 - 2006

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After the release of the "two thousand and four EP", a collection of tunes with different ambiences, the octopus hibernate to give some space to project: Puny, another project of Ricardo.
Meanwhile there were proposals for a split with Simio Superior (out soon) and a split with Fish & Sheep (band featuring ex-bandmate from Cloudland, Afonso) that didn’t happened resulting in this new EP ironically titled "no fishy shtuff". The track "Giant octopus attack" is a re-work of a track included in the "4 track demos", double CDr.
These 4 tracks included in this release were based in the possibilities of the guitar sound going through melodic bases to noisy feedbacks aproaching to a free and spontaneous aesthetic.
Despite no collaborations in this record, an octopus in the bathtub keeps loyal to his roots and open to working with other artists.

01. Radio Station (0’59’’)
02. I dreamed, I died & went to purgatory (6’27’’)
03. Analann (improvised for two guitars) (1’03’’)
04. Giant Octopus Attack (17’06’’)

all files ziped


all instruments played and record by: Ricardo Ramos