Mariana Ricardo
Across the Way Going
merz0044 - Jul 2009

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Mariana Ricardo is well known as a former member of Pinhead Society, the band that marked the 90's Portuguese indie rock scene.
In this EP Mariana explores a minimalistic approach to some of the songs that she has been writing in the past few years, exploring an old-fashioned Indie Rock based on an accoustic set, with mini drum kit, ukulele and bass. Delicious, naïve, and sincere music. Recorded live during Tiago Sousa's The Western Lands presentation concert.

01. My case is a different one
02. Go Back to you room
03. Step in
04. Grandaddy
05. The devil and me
06. And a one
07. Line Interrupted
08. Sunday is a common day

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Mariana Ricardo - Voz, Ukulele
Nuno Pessoa - Bateria, Voz
Bruno Duarte - Baixo

Gravado ao vivo no Cabaret Maxime a 4 de Junho de 2008
por Ricardo “Maykro”

Capa - Susana Moura