The Fart Simpson Band
Early Tapes Vol. I
merz0042 - Feb 2009

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Until today the Fart Simpson Band was nothing but a myth. It was known that they had been born and quickly extinguished in a will-o'-wisp that only lived within the four walls of a room in Azeitão, during the hot summer of 1994. Few had listened to the historical recordings until today, when the announced return comes to life. Truly, the songs are dusty and shamelessly revivalistic, with its aesthetics inspired in some of the biggest names of the independent rock from the 80’s and 90’s, such as the Butthole Surfers, Big Black, Sonic Youth or Jesus Lizard. They made it without complexes and the result is this first set of 8 songs of nihilistic aggressiveness and dirtiness where no concessions are made.

01 So Long
02 Honey Bunny
03 Shame
04 Please Do
05 Mr Ochoa Has a Moustache
06 Mad Chicken Against the Wall of Sound
07 Mr Ochoa Wakes up Drunk Every Morning
08 The Movie

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Sensei Araújo, Sensei Correia, Sensei Correia nº 2 e Sensei Zurzica.