Pensão Listopad
Concerto Dentrum
merz0040 - Dez 2008

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Pensão Listopad is a band divided between Porto and Wrocklaw. João Sousa, Kamil Radek and Katarzyna Wrona, shape instrumental songs with a clear, harmonic and melodic, influence of east Europe music. Together they revisit the XIX century's Romantic Music ambiance, exploring a certain African rhythmic sense, the dramatic feel of Fado and the esoteric free-form sense of the Indian music. Across “Concerto Dentrum” we feel a ghostly presence of different names from contemporaneous music as Chopin, Ravi Shankar, Carlos Paredes or Nick Drake, creating an aesthetic close to acts like Clogs, Balmorhea or Tape.

01. A diferença fazia-se
02. Mentirosos
03. Lírico
04. Um poço
05. Através dos outros
06. O teu romance
07. Quero ir p´ra casa
08. Melhora

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João Teixeira de Sousa
guitars, vocal, claps.
Kamil Radek
drums, accordeon, vocal, djambé, bells, claps..
Katarzyna Wrona