No Snow
merz0039 - Dec 2008

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No Snow are gael moissonier and françois virot. Coming from France, they are part of what has been made in Europe of most fresh and intense. The duo counts already a considerable list of releases in CD-R, by Zerojardins, and a par of releases through compilations, but this record, recorded live in a visit from the duo to the Lisbon’s venue, Galeria Zé dos Bois, is the first to be release outside their household. No Snow’s approach lives of the vibrating and psycho-active intensity of successive afro beats. Some connections may be found with names like Beaches and Canyons’ Black Dice or Here Comes the Indian’s Animal Collective. Merzbau is proud to save for posteriority the intensity and magic of a night lived by merely half a dozen souls.

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gael moissonnier - voices from the caverns, keyboard, snare, and burgers of delay...
francois virot - percussions, voices from kingston, keyboard, and clouds of bass...