Peter Stenberg
Let's Go So Far Away
merz0038 - Out 2008

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Let's go Far Away, third record by Peter Stenberg, crosses small parts of minimal and melodic guitar, with field recordings creating small peaceful pictures. Peter is Swedish and approaches an aesthetic close to some of his country fellows like David Stackenäs, Mats Gustafsson or Christian Munthe.

This release can be find in it's physical version through our e-mail: merzbauptvu [at] gmail [dot] com or throught peter's email: stenberg.peter [at] gmail [dot] com

01. A Splinter
02. Wedding
03. Exil
04. Genius Loci
05. No I think it's a beaver donkey because because he likes to eat eh trees
06. Station to Station
07. So far away

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played recorded and produced by peter stenberg in berlin and malmö, may and jun 2008. Mastered in Lund, by Amarak Music, August 2008