Tape Junk
merz0036 - Set 2008

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In the past few years we got used to listen to so many emulations of great rock classics of doubtful quality that the question about the vitality of the genre is starting to trouble the most sceptic minds. The truth is that rock, as a genre, might be technically accessible to many but it only gains real feeling through the hands of a few. This regist by TAPE JUNk belongs to this last group. João Correia, the man of a thousand and one collaborations, has played with Walter Benjamin, Groove4tet, Bruno Pernadas Ensemble, Tiago Sousa, among many others. He created this identity with the purpose of expressing everything he has collected in his youth by voraciously consuming some of the best rock records of the last few decades. The references to names like Sonic Youth, Pixie, Rapeman and Nirvana are quite obvious but João’s courageous approach to their compositions takes him almost accidentally to the creation of his own identity. An identity made out of the union of an abrasive genre and instable harmonies with a sense of melody that has the power to guide us and touch us – his greatest virtue.

01. 1994
02. Grass
03. Oblivion
04. The Clock
05. Seawash
06. On the Rope
07. ;]
08. In This Town
09. Insomnia
10. Sharp Blade Meets Flesh

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all songs writen by João Correia, except Grass by João Correia and Guilherme Tomé.
Performed, recorded and produced by João Correia
João Correia: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Percussion and Keyboards
Zé Maria - Alto Sax in "The Clock"
Marta Bruschy - ukelele in "The Clock", vocals and keyboards on "Insomnia", percussion and backing vocals on "On the Rope", percussion on "Oblivion"