merz0029 - 2008

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Monomoy is Pedro Oliveira, a musician from Lisbon who has dedicated himself to the creation of music under this designation since 2007. His first ep is introduced to us as labyrinthine, noisy and beating writing, blazing all the way through four tracks of dramatic intensity, that somehow seem to appeal to a tabula rasa of nihilistic inspiration in musical context. Its aim is the creation through the destruction and the subsequent chaos. A demand to the feral senses of each one of us. An enfolding and intense record.

01. Cold Steel Odor
02. Dermatrode
03. Dreams Grow Like Slow Ice
04. Streamlined Skull

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Recorded at home by monomoy
Artowrk by Claudio Fernandes
thanks to: mom & dad, Joana, Bruno, Dani, I&Q, Sis, G., Tiago, Antero and everyone else.