António Contador + Calhau
merz0026 - 2007

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NOSSA SENHORA DE FÁTIMA MACHINE was created by the trio Antonio Contador and Marta and Alves von Calhau! in July 2007 from the fossil of a buddhist meditation machine (aka the Buddha Machine). This one was made by the duo Christian Virant and Zhang Jian (aka FM3 - see more at: ). We wanted to conceive a machine that helps to alucinate and not to meditate.
To do so, we invoked the psychedelic sun that made possible the appearance of Fátima on 13 of May of 1917 (see more at: and opened up the Buddha Machine. By then, we short-circuited its program using our feet, and broke the basic principle of its use: to relax believing that there are buddhas inside those plastic boxes.
The Buddha of the Buddha Machine was substituted by Fátima of Nossa Senhora de Fátima, and the original sounds weren’t there anymore.
If you don’t believe us watch the video about our ability to make electronic devices alucinate with our feet.

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