Early 4-track demo Vol II
merz0025 - 2007

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After releasing "Splited" with Old Jerusalem and Bruno Duarte, by Bor Land, Puny come out now with Early 4 track Demos Vol. II. Through their songs they aproach to the classic Indie Rock standard and the most free form experimentalism with a Lo-Fi ahestetic. One ecletic and surprising record.

01. VDS
02. Bigger Than Them
03. Captain Cloud Theme Song
04. Hole in the Locker
05. 2 Slices
06. Does This Sound Like a Midlif Crises
07. I Want To Guive You Some Black Please Take It
08. No FFF Kapow
09. The Little You Got
10. This Life Isn't Enough
11. Control Machine
12. A Party Able Model Of
13. If It Was Up To Me Everyday Would be Your Birthday, But
14. A Walk in the Wind

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Os Puny são:
Ricardo Ramos - Guitarras, voz, baixo, percussão Rodrigo
Paulino - Voz, baixo
Sandro Martins - Bateria