Charles C. Oldman
merz0021 - 2007

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Charles is a French musician working solo since 2003. He is part of MAN duo that has released several records. Recently he recorded the soundtrack for a short-film called Ligne de Fuite – Line of Escape by Gwenael Cohenner. In 2004 Charles has released "Low Nicotine Aromatic Addiction" under Hinah’s label.
In Winter the author takes us in a mysterious journey to an ethereal landscape in the depths of winter through five sparse, introspective and slightly abstract tracks. The final result is a magnificent and avant-garde piece over which stands a feeling of absence and incognita; a record that deserves being discovered, that asks for hours of dedication and reflection. In these modern times we are used to the immediate. This will be absolutely counterproductive in a record like Winter that clearly asks the listener to relax and allow the music to grow slowly. There is room enough for silence, for introspection and for imagination in these five new tracks.

01. Winter
02. From India
03. Lemon's Smile
04. Mon Coeur C'est du Chinois
05. We're Bewitched, She Said.....

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