Este EP foi tornado indisponível, Mademoiselle é agora representada pela Capitol.

Press Comunication - 9/05/2007
Mixed feelings fill our hearts. One of our most beloved artists, Mademoiselle has just signed a contract with a major company, Capitol, withheld by EMI. This is was not an unpredictable situation, since we are aware of the doubtless quality and enormous potential of the artist. However this resolution also means that all songs that were previously released for free with Creative Commons licenses will stop being from now on. For this reason, the songs on Mademoiselle’s debut EP will have to be removed from our website. Unfortunately only those who have money rule this world and we represent a small grain of sand in this gigantic industry. Nevertheless we feel proud for having being the first ones to notice and to support the talent of Charlene and we wish her the best of luck in the future. The artist will now perform under the name of Chat. Keep your eyes on here