An Octopus in the Bathtub
Two Thousand and Four
merz0008 - 2005

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an octopus in the bathtub is the solo project of Ricardo Ramos (member of Puny, Cloudland, Rudi Dornbush meets the revolutionary puny marimbas experimental ensemple, …). After volumes 1 and 2 of “4 track demos” where the first improvisations were compiled, “two thousand and four” presents a new collection of tracks and new directions.
Still inside the spectrum of experimental improvised music and noise, there is also space for more melodic annotations (“golem”, “wolfmen”) and adaptations of jazz classics (“theme from a symphony-3 wishes”). These recordings were influenced by the initial phase of industrial music (bands like Throbbing Gristle, Neubauten, ..) and clash them with the strong connection to indie and no wave guitar. As result we can listen to a set of songs based in minimalism and noisy structures that came to to life in a culturally dying portuguese city. Guests this time include only Afonso Simões (of Phoebus, Fish & sheep,…) who is a regular collaborator in musical explorations and band companion in Cloudland.

01. 4 drums
02. Zboy cant ear very well (featuring Afonso Simões)
03. vinildelay
04. golem
05. 4 drums different version
06. mathemathics Vs rhythm raw mix
07. wolfmen final
08. vinildelay rmx
09. theme from a symphony-3 wishes (ornette coleman)

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All instruments played by Ricardo Ramos, except drums on 1st part of 2nd track by Afonso Simões (Phoebus, Fish & sheep, Cloudland,…).
All tracks recorded in 2004 recurring to a 4 track analogue recorder and a laptop. Recording & mixing by Ricardo Ramos except 2nd track by Ricardo Ramos and Afonso Simões. All tracks: Ricardo Ramos, except track 9 : Ornette Coleman.