Psicologia Negra
merz0007 - 2005

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After the release of Drones (2004, Searching Records), Barcos, a side project of Vitor Lopes known as member of bands like Frango, Ivone or HomemCãoVelhoMorto, keeps his research manipulating sounds taped in the last two years and release Psicologia Negra. The EP is a colection of three themes that express the disquiet.

01. Cena de Caça
02. 9
03. Aeria

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written by Barcos 2003/2005
“cena de caça” – hunt scene, the representation of the fear felt by the hunted as being chased by the hunter
“9” is a work of sounds created by barcos and other 8 contemporaneuos authors processed through 9 stages of layers. The samples were manipulated without premission.
“Aeria” is an inexistent symphony