An Octopus in the Bathtub
Two Thousand and Four
merz0003 - 2005

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Noise. Disconnected notes. Screamy organs. Sloopy strings. Pop flashes. Words told in a ironic way. Naked sounds. A musician terrible naïve. Arnold Layne (the alter ego that hides the identity of the musician), finds in Pop music from 70’s and 80’s a spark for his creation, adding distortion, abstraction and a non-conventional production. Behind his shy and fragile voice, there are a whole set of stories that dive us into an abstract reality presented by the 5 themes of his debut EP untitled Hunting Bears With a Tiny Fork, labeled by merzbau’s netlabel.

01. human atrocities
02. collapse
03. thesadnesswillnevergoaway
04. gerald, the megalomaniac mouse
05. isn't he one of those depressed jews

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Written, recorded and produced by Fábio Cruz
Fábio Cruz- lyrics, vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, noise.
Film samples used in tracks 1, 3, 4 and 5. In order of appearance: Taxi Driver, Shining, Being John Malkovich, The Silence of the Lambs.
artwork: photo & design: Karen Ribeiro & Maria Luz; Model: Cláudia Fernandes

thanks to: Cláudia Fernandes, Karen Ribeiro & Maria Luz