Goodbye Toulouse
merz0002 - 2005

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Strongly influenced by the urban reality, Tiago Sousa living in Barreiro, taped in the summer and autumn of 2004 a set of songs that would later be part of Goodbye Toulouse debut. Urbe is an atempt to describe the suburban life full of decadent and mentaly disturbed images. As result we can hear a set of sonic themes that reflect the chaos and sufocating existence in a city lost among others. Joca, Luís Nunes and Joana Rosa also participated in the recordings and helped the initialy compositions to get to an higher place.

01. Nocturna Urbania
02. Demons
03. Desordem, Caos
04. Junkie
05. Há Predadores Trucidando Presas Dentro de Mim

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Nocturna Urbania
tiago sousa: guitars, noise
tiago sousa: guitars, bass, synth
luís nunes: vox, lyrics
joca: drums
Demência, Caos
tiago sousa: vox, lyrics, guitars, bass, synth
Joana rosa: vox
joca: drums
tiago sousa: vox, lyrics, guitars, bass.
luís nunes: synth/organ
joca: drums
Há Predadores Trucidando Presas Dentro de Mim
tiago sousa: guitars, bass, noise
joana rosa: vox, words
joca: drums

Written, Recorded and Produced by: Tiago Sousa
Mixed by: Tiago Sousa & Luis Nunes
artwork: merzbau, photo by Tiago Sousa
thanks to: family, all the musicians, all my friemds