Walter Benjamin
The National Crisis
merzcd0005 - 2008

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The National Crisis is the successor of The Dog follows the Bull. The first LP by Walter Benjamin is the logical sequence that had begun with the EP. The dices were rolled: the passion for the songs, for the simplicity and for the uncountable tools of new and old technologies. The songs are built with the guitar or the piano, but above these basic lines float and grow samples, syntethizers and lo-fi beats in pure harmony. This is the way we are lead to a thick atmosphere where the 12 songs that form this first edition capture our attention and, ultimately, become a sweet lullaby.

edição limitada a 100 exemplares em package de papelão. disponível em duas cores castanho e branco. 5 merzs

download: zip file

01. The person #3
02. The Cannonball
03. The Lake of Gold
04. Our Endless Days
05. Our Own Killing Fields
06. Soldiers
07. We Live Inside the Matchbox
08. The Borders Went Down
09. The Lover and the Thief
10. The Stones for the Luck
11. Life Insurance
12. We Might Never Fall In Love

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